Donna Oliva
Since 1987
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Donna Oliva's has a broad range of experience in corporate finance, marketing, sales, product development, human resources, legal agreements, administration and more. Due to her hands-on management style, business acumen and analytical ability, Donna has gained experience in almost every facet of corporate management.


  • Develop business strategy
  • Write business plans
  • Draft legal documentation (e.g. Incorporations, Partnerships, LLCs assumed names/DBAs)
  • Build Advisory Board & Board of Directors
  • Serve as member of Advisory Board &/or Board of Directors
  • Coordinate BOD and shareholder meetings & presentations
  • Recruit executive team and other key hires, negotiate compensation, close & paper deals
  • Serve as member of executive team on interim basis

Finance & Accounting

  • Operate budgets, financial projections, financial reports
  • Establish accounting policies & procedures
  • Manage venture capital - strategy, target lists, investment bank selections & contracts, fundraising, negotiate & close deals
  • Coordinate M&A - strategy, target lists, investment bank selection & contracts, negotiate & close deals
  • Manage IPO's - strategy, investment bank selections & contracts, registration statements

Marketing, Public Relations & Investor Relations

  • Write marketing, PR & investor relations plans
  • Screen & hire agencies (marketing, advertising, PR, promos, etc.)
  • Write & produce marketing collateral
  • Web site design & content production
  • Implement marketing & PR campaigns
  • Implement lead generation & tracking systems
  • Manage relationships with industry analysts
  • Manage investor relations
  • Plan events for leads, customers, employees, investors, etc.