Donna Oliva
Since 1987
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About Donna Oliva

Donna Oliva is a lawyer-CEO with over 25 years of business experience. From the beginning of her career, Donna was bound for success with solid academic training, a natural talent for business and legal management, assertive ambition and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She has brought a number of companies to high levels of distinction throughout her career and has made groundbreaking technical achievements by staying ahead of trends.


In 1984, Donna earned her B.S. in Accounting from New York University. She received her law degree from Boston University School of Law as well as an MBA from Boston University School of Management in 1987. She was the winner of Boston University's Women's Council Scholarship, the Third Year Editor of the "Boston University Annual Review of Banking Law" and the Editor and Business Manager of Boston University School of Law's "Comment Newspaper." In 1985 Donna also earned Certifications in East West Trade and Socialist Law through the Russia-Poland Institute on International Trade and Comparative Law at the University of San Diego, traveling to and studying in both the U.S.S.R. and Poland.