Donna Oliva
Since 1987
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Industry Buzz


With Donna Oliva as CEO, w-Technologies' clients included:

  • Approximately 40 percent of Time Magazine's Top 10 Discount Brokerages
  • Nearly 40 percent of Gomez Advisors' Top 20 Online Brokerages as customers

With Donna Oliva as head of UNIF/X Inc., "CSFB reported a record $108 million profits in the first quarter this year, bolstered by a substantial increase in revenue from Fixed Income Trading operations. These results came shortly after the firm's Fixed Income Trading Technology group (FITT) completed a major overhaul of its trading database support systems, working with UNIF/X Inc., a New York City-based firm specializing in the design and automation of database management and support systems." - Wall Street Technology

"w-Technologies was one of the first vendors to market a wireless solution actively to financial institutions and their customers. It has signed agreements with a string of financial firms, including giants like the Fleet-Boston Financial Group and Merrill Lynch." - Securities Industry News

"If you want customized applications that you have a hand in creating, start by looking at industrial-strength companies, such as w-Technologies, which specialize in tailor-made solutions." - The Industry Standard

"The unwired Internet access market may finally get the hot app it's been waiting for… w-Technologies could help kick-start the wireless access market." - InternetWeek

"w-Technologies is eager to offer applications to corporations or service providers to help tap into what's expected to be 1 billion mobile users in the next few years." - Interactive Week

"w-Trade Technologies, a well-known name in the wireless financial applications realm, is branching out to cover a slew of new segments and executing a name change to signify its new direction." - Interactive Week

"They'll now be known as w-Technologies…the change sheds light on just how long first mover advantage can last in the fast-paced flavor-of-the-day world of wireless…If anyone can handle the challenge, it's the engineers at w-Technologies, who understand wireless technology better than anybody." -

"w-Technologies has been leading the pack in wireless applications since they came into being…they are creating and implementing various apps for all areas…for some pretty big players." - Silicon Salley

"w-Technologies has expanded its scope of services beyond financial industry to other horizontal areas - it should be taken seriously." -